Our Crimson Coast

Sunday fun-day feels on Wellington’s intrepid South Coast — November 13, 2016.

This particular ‘corner’ (literally — this all sits on the corner of the cliff-face and surrounding bay) of the world down here is known as Pariwhero-Red Rocks, and tends to be fairly sought-out by those who choose to visit ‘our place’.

Comprising ancient pillow lavas 200+ million years old, there are multiple shades of red present amongst these wee beauties…

Iron oxides’ll do that.

Of course, if you pursue the Māori world-view, then you’re likely (and entitled) to believe the red is the result of an episode linked to indigenous explorer ‘Kupe’, whereby two grief-stricken female members of his whānau slashed at their breasts with shells fearing his demise at the tentacles of a giant octopus.

Their blood is rumoured to have stained the ‘whenua’ (“landscape”) beneath their feet.


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