Mount Lowry: Measuring Nature-based Fitness & Environmental Success

So, whānau: where’s the one place you hike to, to measure your own fitness, and potential success?

‘Cos clearly, for ‘challenge’ and ‘aspiration’ to cohesively co-exist, you need yardsticks – otherwise, how do you even see that ever-lurking ledge-cum-tipping-point distinguishing “fine” from “fucking disaster”, and ultimately separate the two, when you’re in full-swing out there in the wilderness and absolutely need to?

Experience has shown me the value in having a particular route that provides personal, pertinent answers, so I can therefore assess rather than guess (thus avoiding the many levels and layers of “situational shit” that tend to accompany ignorance, arrogance, sheer carelessness, and (*or) selective stupidity.

For me, that’s Mount Lowry.

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Chasing Light (*Earthquakes(?), What Earthquakes?)

Something of a Saturday roam “sesh” — November 19, 2016.

Decided to brave Wellington’s prevailing earthquake aftershock routine, and pursue some nature-based “normality”.

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Pencarrow Lighthouse: Wellington’s Most Rugged Coastal Retreat

Our country’s coastline is perfect for lighthouses.

They’re everywhere, dotted and scattered from one end to the other, positioned in some of the most rugged, resilient, and spectacular spaces on-offer anywhere in the world.

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Butterfly Creek: Picnicking That’s Picture Perfect

As time continues to march us all ever-forward into the impending Christmas break, I’ve been contemplating what I might end up doing on December 25.  The day itself has never held any type of religious significance for me, and these days my own personal circumstances also mean that it actually holds very little social significance either.

Sure – I have people I’ll honour during the holiday period, and we’ll do stuff, but on Christmas Day I plan to be out…


All day.

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