Mount Climie: Gallery Of A Welly Winter Wonderland

Mid-July 2017, and after a week or-so of hugging our heaters here in Welly, we’ve just emerged from the arse-end of yet another miserable winter polar precip – something of a regular/annual occurrence, these days (who’s the orange-tinged ninny that keeps insisting climate change isn’t real(?) – *ugh*, gummon yo).

What that means for tops of ranges like the iconic “Rimutakas” (*actually remutaka, orthographically-speaking, but that’s another story) here in our nation’s capital, is: snow.

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Remutaka Trig: A Perfectly Elevated “Place To Sit” (Complete With Seat)

There’s been much recent contention regarding the ‘tūturu’ (“true”) spelling of the kupu ‘rimutaka’, particularly if you’re a descendant of the tribe Rangitāne-o-Wairarapa.

Top o’ Remutaka, watching the approaching southerly roll in…

As always, there’s a story – in this case, a love story – telling of a torrid affair between roaming-roving ‘wifey’, Wairaka, and her suitably nameless slave lover.  Her husband, chief Haunuiananaia (or “Haunui”), was predictably none too pleased, and in his efforts to track her down he actually left a legacy of Māori, place-based nomenclature from Wairarapa back to his home-base in Hawke’s Bay.

“Rimutaka” is a part of this story – his story – and is apparently actually remutaka if your orthography is ‘tika’ (“correct”), which translates to mean: “a place to sit”.

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Putangirua Pinnacles: Summer “Feels” Make These A True-Blue Kiwi Hot-Spot Contender

Had another little play out at Putangirua’s Pinnacles this past weekend (*for a thorough run-down, and instructions on how to get yourself there, see here – we’ve visited before, eh).

I’ve been pondering this post these past couple days, and in that time I’ve discovered that I’m actually seriously enamored of this place.

Seriously, enamored.

Seriously (*grins*).

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Mount Climie: All Seasons In One Year

*Nov ’16 (update): Obviously, these posts are very much a snapshot of a moment in time, and things can and do change.  Since writing this piece I’ve explored more of the summit terrain on Mount Climie, and I’d very much like to add-to, here…

At the top of Climie No.2, once you reach the plateau-point continue onward, past, and around the wire fence to the other side.  There, you’ll be able to head to whichever angle you choose for the precise views you’re seeking up there – so, Wellington Harbour on the one, Wairarapa and surrounds on another, along with (*my favourite) this panorama of the Rimutaka and Tararua ranges:

Pretty shit-hot spot to consume your fuel, too.

You’re welcome (*grins*).

As of this weekend (this being the last weekend of spring, before summer officially begins) my hiking buddy and I have experienced all four seasons of 2015 on the summit of Mount Climie.

Massive, given we only took up hiking on Christmas Eve of 2014.

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White Rock: Gravel Roads Lead To The Best Kinds Of Intrepid Spaces

Had my very first visit to White Rock today.

I’ll be honest: I did need to do some digging and asking-around in order to figure out just how to get there.  I found none of the corresponding search results on Google to be the least bit helpful or informative (one of the main reasons this blog exists, ironically).

So, I asked my ‘Bro’ at work, who gave me a really decent heads-up; alas, still a little vague (for me), given the new territory involved, but super-helpful all the same.

I had happily reached the point where I was able to enter something on my smartphone’s GPS, and see what happened.


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Mount Climie: An Introduction To My Favourite Wellington Day-Hike

Welcome to my favourite Wellington day-hike.

She’s a pretty low-key space, fairly anonymously tucked-away in Upper Hutt’s ‘Pakuratahi Forest’.  In fact, there’s a really good chance you’ve never even heard of this one.

Allow me to introduce you two…

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Quick Baby Jaunt: Waiohine Gorge

Put some proverbial “feelers” out today, and had a bit of a nosey around the Waiohine Gorge-end of the Tararua Forest Park.

I hit the road, home-girl in-tow, and together we headed straight for Carterton in the Wairarapa.  Simple enough from here in Wellington City, as you just travel along SH2 until you get there.

Too easy.

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The Lowdown: Cape Palliser’s Putangirua Pinnacles Walk

I feel pretty rapt that I get to officially kick everything off with this hike.

It’s such a “follow-your-nose” kinda enterprise, this one.  Like, ‘Day Hiking in NZ: 101’.

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