Chasing Light (*Earthquakes(?), What Earthquakes?)

Something of a Saturday roam “sesh” — November 19, 2016.

Decided to brave Wellington’s prevailing earthquake aftershock routine, and pursue some nature-based “normality”.

I couldn’t help but scour the surrounding hills and rugged cliffs en-route to ‘Pencarrow Lighthouse’ for escape routes, in the event of another big shake (*there’s a 30% chance there’ll be another magnitude 7+ ‘quake within the next 30 days).

Earthquake(?), okay, can handle; tsunami(?), not so much.

Nonetheless, it felt amazing to be outside and “off the grid” again — there really is no other feeling like it, right?

[*On that note: see here for how to get yourself, well, here.]

The last 7 days have been anything but “normal”, with constant power outages and water issues where I’ve been (*work, not home — but, where you’re usually able to thrive in/on predictability).

Quite frankly, unpredictability, in this current sense, sucks.

That view, though…


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