Mount Climie: All Seasons In One Year

*Nov ’16 (update): Obviously, these posts are very much a snapshot of a moment in time, and things can and do change.  Since writing this piece I’ve explored more of the summit terrain on Mount Climie, and I’d very much like to add-to, here…

At the top of Climie No.2, once you reach the plateau-point continue onward, past, and around the wire fence to the other side.  There, you’ll be able to head to whichever angle you choose for the precise views you’re seeking up there – so, Wellington Harbour on the one, Wairarapa and surrounds on another, along with (*my favourite) this panorama of the Rimutaka and Tararua ranges:

Pretty shit-hot spot to consume your fuel, too.

You’re welcome (*grins*).

As of this weekend (this being the last weekend of spring, before summer officially begins) my hiking buddy and I have experienced all four seasons of 2015 on the summit of Mount Climie.

Massive, given we only took up hiking on Christmas Eve of 2014.

Also massive because this weekend thousands-upon-thousands of Kiwis marched for climate change, in a tangible effort to force our government to both wake-up, and step-up.  They marched to conserve and protect the very landscape my best home-girl and I were happy to lose ourselves in yesterday.

Thank you, all of you.

I can’t place my proverbial finger on exactly what nudges me back to the top of Climie No.2 on such a regular basis.  The hike itself is breathtaking on all levels – including the ‘lungs-objecting-and-legs-arguing-every-pedantic-point’ one (*previously described in detail, here).  But, I think I probably captured it most accurately in a simple statement I uttered to my mate on the way up yesterday:

“It’ll never be easy, but it’ll always be beautiful”.


I also haven’t even tried to decide which season is my absolute favourite, up there.  They’re all stunning in their own fashion, and indeed springtime is no exception.  New growth is visible everywhere, the tussocks are all a spectacular shade of yellow, and the grasses are a rich and perfect intertwining of red and green.  It’s impossible not to fall in love, ‘Papatūānuku’ our Māmā Earth has got things so incredibly sussed…

Don’t get me wrong – it may be springtime, but there’s still the potential for you to freeze your gender-associated “you-know-what/s” off at summit, even on a good day…

Summit feels – end of spring, ’15.

So be sensible and take layers with you, please.  And no matter what, remember this:

It’ll never be easy, but it’ll always be beautiful.

‘Haere pai atu, hoki ora mai nei’ (or: “Go well, and return safely”);


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