Mount Climie: Gallery Of A Welly Winter Wonderland

Mid-July 2017, and after a week or-so of hugging our heaters here in Welly, we’ve just emerged from the arse-end of yet another miserable winter polar precip – something of a regular/annual occurrence, these days (who’s the orange-tinged ninny that keeps insisting climate change isn’t real(?) – *ugh*, gummon yo).

What that means for tops of ranges like the iconic “Rimutakas” (*actually remutaka, orthographically-speaking, but that’s another story) here in our nation’s capital, is: snow.

I’ve made multiple attempts to get you up here, whānau (konei, arā, konei anō).

Nā runga rā: here’s another taster, a gallery of yesterday’s ‘mission up the maunga’, to further fuel that fucking fire…

Butterflies and unicorns – a mere glimpse of what’s to come.
A fellow purveyor of ‘Wellington-as-winter-wonderland’ – notably quicker up the hill, but equally smitten at around 450 metres up.
Clearly not the first to come and play, post-storm.
Mossy trees, etc – say, 650 metres up.
Approaching North Climie…
Mount Climie’s trig – North Climie, 830 metres.
Climbing to Climie No. 2…
Summit proper view, gazing east – Climie No. 2, 860 metres…
Over the edge…
North-east of Climie No. 2.

We did see a rather irresponsible (brave(?) – yeah, nah) “hiker” up here with disturbingly bare pins hanging out of her budgie smugglers.

Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should, eh.  And the thing that’s so darn noteworthy about Mount Climie’s upper reaches is the change factor – from zero to hero, essentially, and really quickly.

Basically, if we’re in the July portion of winter 2018 and there’s another polar storm: there will be snow, and: it’ll be fucking cold.

Be a sensible wee love and dress accordingly, Bro.

Ā tēnā, ‘haere pai atu, hoki ora mai nei’ (or: “go gently, and return safe and well”), always;


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