Cabbage Tree Boulevard

Sunday fun-day spent roaming a misty Mount Climie — December 3, 2016.

Climie’s situated at the northern end of the Rimutaka Range, which in actual fact ought to be renamed if it’s to remain historically consistent and correct.

Legend tells of the pursuit of wayward wife ‘Wairaka’ (and her slave lover, no less) by her chiefly husband ‘Haunui-a-Nanaia’ (nō Rangitāne o Wairarapa) — otherwise known as “Haunui”.  His decision to rest atop what we now know as Rimutaka, and to name said hill accordingly, makes ‘remutaka’ the correct Māori translation of “to sit down”.

Makes sense, right?

By contrast, the word “rimutaka” doesn’t actually translate to anything.


This snap captures one of my favourite landscapes en-route to the summit of North Climie (830m) — a space uniquely rich in cabbage-tree foliage, and a sure-fire sign that I’m near my first real food stop (lunch, usually).

And like Haunui, I’ve given this awesome place a name…


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