Makara’s West Wind Farm Recreation Area: An Intrepid Little Year-ender

Gosh – aren’t we practically scooting towards the year’s end?

Obviously I can’t speak for you, but I know I tend to take-stock at this time of year, and sometimes that means a spectacularly wide-ranging myriad of emotions – right??

Personally-speaking, 2015 feels different.

What’s most present for me right now is the satisfaction of knowing I’ve achieved all of the big things I wanted to do/try this year – and then some.

I think that’s pretty darn awesome.

One of my biggest and most heart-felt intentions goals was to spend more time outside – to #optoutside (*a seriously massive movement on Instagram), let’s say.  And so I did – oh how I did, and never have I felt so alive, so invigorated, connected, or peaceful.

This truly was the best decision I’ve ever made, for in all the peace and process I found I’d somehow re-built myself from the ground up, from my absolute lowest ebb – successfully, too – into somebody quite different from the old me, who I am now so incredibly proud of.

Trust the process and life does change.  And, so too do the type/s of people you choose to allow into your inner-circle as either friend/s or family, sometimes.  This has been true for me this past year, and I really do treasure and give thanks every day for my little clan of “favourites”.

You know who you are, and I’m so hand-on-my-heart happy that we found each other.

Speaking of favourites: my hiking buddy-cum-bestie and I decided to squish-in one last intrepid “hurrah” before year’s-end, at Makara’s ruggedly rural ‘West Wind Recreation Area’.

And this final post for 2015 will be no usual blow-by-blow.  No-no, this will instead be something of a succinct synopsis – just enough to whet your metaphorical appetite for next year.

Apt, me thinks.

Okay – so here’s a map of the wind-farm for us to peruse and use, and for the purpose/s of this particular post we’re most interested in the ‘Opau Loop Track’, and all things associated with that.

Right from the get-go it’s near-impossible to miss the fact that this is indeed a wind-farm, on a really big chunk of semi-rural farmland, with an ever-changing landscape.

And, these are the very aspects that I love the most.

On arrival, I’m immediately taken with how thoroughly iconic the place feels – the high sheep presence is as blatant as the abundance of No.8 wire, for goodness’ sake.  True-blue “kiwiana” all over the proverbial show.

Combine this with the landscape; the ever-changing, super-varied, crazy next-level awe-inspiring landscape.

Looking back and taking stock… #Apt.

So: essentially, you wind yourself around and down a series of hills and paddocks, into a gully (also an earthquake fault, the ‘Shepherd’s Gully Fault’), and pop-out alongside a wetland area.  And while that’s certainly the “guts” of things, by no means is that every thing.

Abandoned gun emplacements on the coastal side of the wind farm hint at Wellington’s wartime past.  Swing by them for a small sample of our history before you head down the trail – or alternatively, when you pop-out at the top/finish.

Perhaps the very best part of this entire track is the access it provides to the most breathtaking little bay, ‘Opau Bay’, positioned on the western side of Wellington’s notoriously oft-intrepid south coast.

The beach here is totally drift-wood city.  But, “Opau” is also scenic and secluded, and that’s actually pretty darn special if you ask me, especially if you’re wanting to escape the hustle-and-bustle build-up that comes with today’s busy lifestyle routine/s.  And the way I see it, the more of these kinds of places we all know about and have on-hand, the better.

As I’ve said:

Right from the get-go it’s near-impossible to miss the fact that this is indeed a wind-farm, on a really big chunk of semi-rural farmland, with an ever-changing landscape,

And, these are the very aspects that I love the most;

Now, you know why.

Oh, and one final thing: whatever your plans are for these last few days of 2015, wherever you go, please take a moment or-two to reflect upon the year that’s been – on your year that’s been.  Concede gracefully and gently if you haven’t quite managed to check-off all the things that you wanted to.  And, by the same token, pat yourself hard on the back for all the wonderful things you did achieve.  Feel totally free to celebrate yourself, and don’t hesitate to acknowledge and own all of the things that did happen, for the better, and not always in the easiest of ways.

I’ll be right there with you.

Safe trail-blazing, and have a really “Happy New Year”, whānau;


2 thoughts on “Makara’s West Wind Farm Recreation Area: An Intrepid Little Year-ender”

  1. Incredible journeys you have had this year! You make me think…foosh she’s neat alright!! I miss you mate, he mihi tino nui, he mihi tino aroha ki a koe ❤️👍🏽😎

  2. Awww, he mihi aroha tino nui nei ki a koe hoki e te tungāne. You’re so COOL!
    And totes one of my *most* favourites in my little hapū…
    JS. 😉😁
    Miss you too my mate.
    Hei konā — me te mea nei ngā mihi o te tau hou. 😊 XX

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