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Kia ora, I’m Tānia.

I’m a teacher at a Māori language pre-school.  This is my day job, and I can honestly say my work days are never dull.  They’re driven by toddlers, and jam-packed with everything you’d be inclined to imagine if you took the time to ponder that for a wee moment…

My Māori roots connect me to a tiny (like, tiny) rural town on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, called ‘Mōhaka’.  Mōhaka’s “home”.

Of course, this simple fact means that I must then belong to a particular ‘iwi’ (‘tribe’, or large-scale ‘clan’) — and I do.  I whakapapa to Ngāti Pāhauwera — a by-product of the union between the infamously tall, dark, and handsome chief Kahungunu and his wife Rongomaiwahine (equally infamous, and just as aesthetically pleasing, apparently).

My spare moments in this thing called “life” are sparse, and they’re spent in nature — any and all of them, or as many as I can possibly muster.  They do, on occasion, involve other people, too, as I sincerely believe in sharing fabulous moments with equally fab mates.

In any case, these are the moments I want to share with you.

You won’t find me linked- and logged-in to every avenue of social media.  I’d much rather be outside, and exploring, tbh — kinda the point of all this, I reckon (ikr(?) — a nature enthusiast-cum-frother who’d rather spend more time outside than counting ‘clicks’ (go figure)).  I’m on Instagram, and I love that, but the rest of the time I’ll simply meet you here.

You’ll get the very best of me that way, I promise.

Here’s a link to my very first post, my laying-down of the welcome mat, if you like.  It’ll give you a heads-up re: what to expect here, and my motivation/s for sharing all this in the first instance.

Warm fuzzies, and peaceful wanderings;


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