Nau Mai Whakatau Mai, E Hoa Mā (*Welcome, Friends)

Kia ora, I’m Tānia and this is my blog.

Welcome (*waves*).

You may very well be wondering exactly what you’re in for here, and with good reason.

Well, I can tell you that you’re in for an adventure – seriously.  My plan hereafter is to take you on all of my outdoors-y excursions (and I do a fair few, trust me), so that you get a sense and a feel for this crazy-awesome New Zealand landscape that I’m blessed enough to call ‘home’.

And “she” – our Earth Māmā, ‘Papatūānuku’ – is so awesome.

Short hikes, long hikes, multi-dayers, mountains – I’m up for ’em all.

[*aside: may even do the odd “kick-arse” international jaunt, and/or endurance race, too.]

We’ll also touch-on ‘tikanga Māori’ (simply, “indigenous etiquette”) and some history here and there, as we go, because there’s one thing that’s been everywhere of late, and that’s the sad and rather unfortunate fact that as a destination, New Zealand tends to attract the ignorant pricks of this world.

You need to know, whether you’re native, a local, or a visitor, that there are expectations up for consideration, here.  Basically, don’t be an asshole, yo.  As a society, we already suffer enough of those.

You’ll find me here around once a month.  You’ll also find me on Instagram.  I don’t have Facebook (I loathe the bloody place – sorry, a little awkward I know, but we’ll survive), and I actually wonder where I’d ever find the time to roam and wander to my little heart’s desire if I were to inhabit social media on a perpetual basis…

‘Mā te wā pea, hei runga i aua paparahi’ (or: “Might catch you out there, on ‘dem trail/s” (*grins*));


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