Te Ahumairangi Hill: History, Majesty, And Māoriness

*Nov ’16 (update): Since writing this (*02/16), I’ve spent a substantial chunk of time familiarising myself with the many metaphorical veins and arteries that comprise Te Ahumairangi’s inner track system.  Basically, I favour a specific route these days, and simply wanted to add that here.

I’ve abandoned the Waterworks end as a start-point, and tend to enter at/on the Harriett Street side.  I follow the Northern Walkway, Southern Connector, get on to the Loop Walk (*and “drive-by” the tunnel and quarry), jump back on to the Northern Walkway, and return the same way I came in.

So essentially, I travel from one end of the Hill to the other, and back again – albeit via slightly different altitudes.

Have a go…


We have a saying (*also a much-loved and revered song) at the Māori language pre-school that I work at to describe our profound, collective sense of kinship towards our local landscape:

“Te Ahumairangi te maunga,

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