Mangorei Road: Pouākai’s Very Own Stairway To Heaven

I tētahi wā, he maunga; he maunga tūturu, he maunga tipua, arā ko ‘Taranaki’ tōna ingoa . . .

Once upon a time, there was a mountain; a true-blue, legit af, “superheroesque” (*my kupu/coin), sink-to-your-knees-in-awe kind o’ mountain, and his name was: ‘Taranaki’.

Mounga (Mount) Taranaki – 2,518m (8,261ft).

Various Māori legends comprising our nation’s deep and mystical cultural history have him suffering second-best status in the fucking mother of all battles with a love rival (among other things), named ‘Tongariro’ (see my Panitahi-Fantham’s Peak post for more kōrero (storyline)), but perhaps lesser-known is that when Taranaki was eventually trounced, shamed, and forced to flee, he fled to another of our “female” maunga (mountains), in ‘Pouākai’.

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