Mount Taranaki: Five Tips To Get You From Start To Summit, & Back Again

*Feb ’17 (update): After recently climbing to the summit of Mount Ngauruhoe, my advice is to go ahead with the whole micro-spikes ‘investment’.  Multipurpose af – what more can you ask for?

*Nov ’16 (update): Just a bit of clarity around a couple of points, really, seeing as I have more life-experience under my belt re: ‘mountains’…

Firstly, the whole micro-spikes thing; I should note that we attempted this hike as relative beginners to alpine, technically-challenging environments, and I would hazard a guess that my beginners’ boots were not the best possible choice in terms of “sensible shoes”.  I needed those spikes at the time; however, better boots-cum-alpine terrain ‘worksburgers’ would/should be the preferred option for Mounga Taranaki.

The scree here isn’t deep and soft like the stuff in Tongariro NP.  Rather, it’s shallow and unforgiving, and IMO anything less than alpine-appropriate boots simply won’t “do you right” – especially if you’re having your first go at it.  I’m now the proud owner of two different varieties: Salewa’s ‘Firetail Evo Mid GTX’, and The North Face’s ‘Ultra Gore-tex Surround Mid’, and I’d happily recommend either for sheer comfort and superb traction.

Time will totally tell, too; am planning to try these out on both Mount Ngauruhoe’s summit hike and the Pouakai Circuit over this coming Christmas-New Year’s.

Secondly (*finally): I heavily encourage you to do this hike with company; preferably someone you trust implicitly, but certainly somebody who can keep up with you, and with a keen sense of task completion.

No fuck-wits along for the proverbial ride, thanks.  People die up here.

Make the most of this one – the sense of satisfaction once you’re at the top is immense.

I’ve been thinking a lot these last few days about why I started this blog.

In particular, I’ve found myself pondering exactly how my posts and messages contribute to the outside world.

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Mount Climie: All Seasons In One Year

*Nov ’16 (update): Obviously, these posts are very much a snapshot of a moment in time, and things can and do change.  Since writing this piece I’ve explored more of the summit terrain on Mount Climie, and I’d very much like to add-to, here…

At the top of Climie No.2, once you reach the plateau-point continue onward, past, and around the wire fence to the other side.  There, you’ll be able to head to whichever angle you choose for the precise views you’re seeking up there – so, Wellington Harbour on the one, Wairarapa and surrounds on another, along with (*my favourite) this panorama of the Rimutaka and Tararua ranges:

Pretty shit-hot spot to consume your fuel, too.

You’re welcome (*grins*).

As of this weekend (this being the last weekend of spring, before summer officially begins) my hiking buddy and I have experienced all four seasons of 2015 on the summit of Mount Climie.

Massive, given we only took up hiking on Christmas Eve of 2014.

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Mount Climie: An Introduction To My Favourite Wellington Day-Hike

Welcome to my favourite Wellington day-hike.

She’s a pretty low-key space, fairly anonymously tucked-away in Upper Hutt’s ‘Pakuratahi Forest’.  In fact, there’s a really good chance you’ve never even heard of this one.

Allow me to introduce you two…

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