Mount Ngauruhoe: How To Successfully Summit “Mount Doom”

The kupu “ngauruhoe” hints at a history peppered with near-death and tragedy, amidst some of the most challenging weather conditions anywhere in our world.

Legend begins with the navigator-cum-high priest of one of Māoridom’s much-revered seven settling canoes, the ‘Te Arawa’, and a ‘tāne’ (“man”) named: ‘Ngatoro-i-rangi’ – or more simply, “Ngatoro”.

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Getting “Pack Fit” For Ngauruhoe

Currently spending some focused time getting “pack fit” — you know, the kind of fitness that allows one to haul extra weight for days on end through the wilderness, or in my more immediate case: up a mountain summit (this mountain summit actually, although I do have the “wilderness” aspect more than covered over New Year’s, too).

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