Kaitoke Regional Park & Rivendell: Mother Earth Meets “Middle-earth”

So, sprained my ankle a couple of weeks ago during an endurance race in Mōhaka (*East Coast, North Island, exceptionally rural New Zealand).

Quite literally, one moment my trusty racing sidekick and I were negotiating a ridiculously narrow goat-track of a route around the side of a hill, and ‘nek minnit’ she was gorilla-gripping my hydration pack with her oversize/d girl-hands (they’re a “thing”, and thank goodness for ’em) to stop me from rolling into something of an abyss.

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Endurance Racing: An Enthusiastic Beginner’s Perspective

Did the ‘Tussock Traverse’ recently with Mave, and really enjoyed it (*hello*, Tongariro National Park as a playground).

“TNP” totally stole our hearts during our Alpine Crossing experience last November, so the decision to return and have another endurance-related encounter with the place was never going to involve any question marks, for us.

By no means was it our first endurance race – we’ve done a handful of them now, but for me this rates as one of my favourites (*the other comprising an epic journey over the hills of my ancestral (*Māori) landscape in Mōhaka – more on that later).

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