Mount Lowry: Measuring Nature-based Fitness & Environmental Success

So, whānau: where’s the one place you hike to, to measure your own fitness, and potential success?

‘Cos clearly, for ‘challenge’ and ‘aspiration’ to cohesively co-exist, you need yardsticks – otherwise, how do you even see that ever-lurking ledge-cum-tipping-point distinguishing “fine” from “fucking disaster”, and ultimately separate the two, when you’re in full-swing out there in the wilderness and absolutely need to?

Experience has shown me the value in having a particular route that provides personal, pertinent answers, so I can therefore assess rather than guess (thus avoiding the many levels and layers of “situational shit” that tend to accompany ignorance, arrogance, sheer carelessness, and (*or) selective stupidity.

For me, that’s Mount Lowry.

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Review: Apache Pine Wooden Watches & The Move Towards “Sustainable Style”

[*This is a review of a specific product kindly supplied by Apache Pine.]

This may come as no surprise, especially if you’re ‘native’ to our “Land of the Long White Cloud”, but make no mistake: New Zealand is currently in the midst of a massive socio-cultural face-lift.

Indeed, while our landscape is being progressively polluted via various, equally “progressive” industries, we, as a tiny, South Pacific-based, proverbial melting-pot of people, are becoming increasingly green.

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Mount Tauhara: The ‘Summiteer’s Skinny’ On Lake Taupō’s “Odd Man Out”

There’s a well-known, spectacularly revered story telling of an historically significant, downright messy (lava – *hello*), disturbingly violent, suitably terrifying “war” between mountains here in our North Island’s ‘Central Plateau’.

This ‘pūrākau’ (“ancient Māori myth”) describes an early mountain landscape characterised by a cluster of peaks, crests, and apexes…

Not simply or exclusively the three ‘stayers’ that are there now.

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