Te Ahumairangi Hill: History, Majesty, And Māoriness

*Nov ’16 (update): Since writing this (*02/16), I’ve spent a substantial chunk of time familiarising myself with the many metaphorical veins and arteries that comprise Te Ahumairangi’s inner track system.  Basically, I favour a specific route these days, and simply wanted to add that here.

I’ve abandoned the Waterworks end as a start-point, and tend to enter at/on the Harriett Street side.  I follow the Northern Walkway, Southern Connector, get on to the Loop Walk (*and “drive-by” the tunnel and quarry), jump back on to the Northern Walkway, and return the same way I came in.

So essentially, I travel from one end of the Hill to the other, and back again – albeit via slightly different altitudes.

Have a go…


We have a saying (*also a much-loved and revered song) at the Māori language pre-school that I work at to describe our profound, collective sense of kinship towards our local landscape:

“Te Ahumairangi te maunga,

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Pencarrow Lighthouse: Wellington’s Most Rugged Coastal Retreat

Our country’s coastline is perfect for lighthouses.

They’re everywhere, dotted and scattered from one end to the other, positioned in some of the most rugged, resilient, and spectacular spaces on-offer anywhere in the world.

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Endurance Racing: An Enthusiastic Beginner’s Perspective

Did the ‘Tussock Traverse’ recently with Mave, and really enjoyed it (*hello*, Tongariro National Park as a playground).

“TNP” totally stole our hearts during our Alpine Crossing experience last November, so the decision to return and have another endurance-related encounter with the place was never going to involve any question marks, for us.

By no means was it our first endurance race – we’ve done a handful of them now, but for me this rates as one of my favourites (*the other comprising an epic journey over the hills of my ancestral (*Māori) landscape in Mōhaka – more on that later).

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