Mount Climie: All Seasons In One Year

*Nov ’16 (update): Obviously, these posts are very much a snapshot of a moment in time, and things can and do change.  Since writing this piece I’ve explored more of the summit terrain on Mount Climie, and I’d very much like to add-to, here…

At the top of Climie No.2, once you reach the plateau-point continue onward, past, and around the wire fence to the other side.  There, you’ll be able to head to whichever angle you choose for the precise views you’re seeking up there – so, Wellington Harbour on the one, Wairarapa and surrounds on another, along with (*my favourite) this panorama of the Rimutaka and Tararua ranges:

Pretty shit-hot spot to consume your fuel, too.

You’re welcome (*grins*).

As of this weekend (this being the last weekend of spring, before summer officially begins) my hiking buddy and I have experienced all four seasons of 2015 on the summit of Mount Climie.

Massive, given we only took up hiking on Christmas Eve of 2014.

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White Rock: Gravel Roads Lead To The Best Kinds Of Intrepid Spaces

Had my very first visit to White Rock today.

I’ll be honest: I did need to do some digging and asking-around in order to figure out just how to get there.  I found none of the corresponding search results on Google to be the least bit helpful or informative (one of the main reasons this blog exists, ironically).

So, I asked my ‘Bro’ at work, who gave me a really decent heads-up; alas, still a little vague (for me), given the new territory involved, but super-helpful all the same.

I had happily reached the point where I was able to enter something on my smartphone’s GPS, and see what happened.


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